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Announcing FireChoir's
10th Anniversary Concert at the Zaan


A reunion concert open to former FireChoir members


Calling all former FireChoir members!

Since FireChoir started in 2008 (and more than 60 concerts later) nearly 400 people have joined the choir at one time or another. You are invited to join with us once again and be part of this very special anniversary concert!

Reconnect with friends, enjoy your passion for music, and perform live on stage at the Zaantheater. Scroll to the bottom to see your options to sing with us.


FireChoir is taking new members as well! The Fall Season is still a normal stand-alone season so you can join without committing to also singing in the spring season and at the Zaantheater. We invite you to join...Sign up today.



Oh Happy Day

Our theme is Oh Happy Day, a golden oldie loved by millions around the world and enjoying renewed popularity inspired by the movie Sister Act 2. We will also be reviving a few of FireChoir’s most popular titles from over the years.

New Songs

Naturally we will be adding new songs that promise to be exciting, emotionally moving and challenging to sing. When we combine great music, an incredible choir and an amazing venue, the results will be stupendous!


FireChoir has contracted to rent Zaandam’s prominent Zaantheater for a 2018 spring concert. The Zaantheater is an exquisite theater with seating capacity for nearly a thousand people. Its full sized professional stage (complete with lighting, audio and staff to assist in every aspect of our production) will give us plenty of room to move! You will want to invite everyone you know to see you singing on its splendid stage.

TICKETS 12,50€

Tickets for our "Oh Happy Day" concert can be purchased online starting 1 July 2017 or at the theater's box-office until the night of the concert (or until it is sold out!). The ticket price includes a beverage during the interval. BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE!


Our reunion concert is an ambitious project and requires that we include songs from both our 2017 Fall and 2018 Spring seasons.

We have devised 3 registration options for your convenience. At least one of these options will accommodate your schedule. For further information, click on the option which suits you best:

1. Fall 2017 & Spring 2018 Membership

  • Everyone joining both Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 FireChoir seasons will be adequately prepared for the Reunion Concert in the Zaantheater. It's also possible to join for the Fall season only as it is still a stand-alone season.
  • The repertoire for both seasons (listening CD tracks, rehearsal tracks & PDF scores) will be available online this summer.

2. Spring 2018 Membership

Those joining only for the Spring 2018 FireChoir season will be required to also learn several songs from our 2017 Fall season. To aid you in learning this music, we provide the following:

  1. Access to the MP3 rehearsal tracks (available summer 2017).
  2. Website links to actual FireChoir rehearsals which you can follow at your pace and leisure.
  3. We will hold a workshop (sometime during our Spring season) for the entire choir to review these songs.

3. Finale Concert Choir (3 songs)

Former FireChoir members who have chosen this option will be invited on stage for the grand finale. Our last two songs (Joyful Joyful & Oh Happy Day) are from Sister Act II. We will also plan to perform an encore, so three songs will be sung in total. You will need to purchase a ticket for the concert.

Sing with us at the Zaan!

Join Spring 2018: On 1 February, we begin rehearsaing for our Spring Concert Season (which will be around 4 concerts). Our last concert will be at the Zaantheater and will include many different songs from the previous 3 concerts. Plan now to be part of this exciting season and to have the opportunity to sing on stage at Zaantheater's Albert Heijn Hall.

Join for our Concert Finale: Don't have time for a full season?  You can still participate in the concert during our Grand Finale Medley.  You will receive MP3 rehearsal tracks to practice at home. Towards the end of our rehearsal season, you will be required to attend two rehearsals with the whole choir, to learn any choreography we have and show that you know the music. Make sure to invite your family and friends to see you perform at the Zaantheater! You need to purchase your ticket online to make sure you have seats for the concert. BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE!